Can you make this kitten purr?

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I'm 4'10" funsized, soft and curvy. Natural 36DD, small waisted, bouncy bubble butt. Cute, inviting and love exploring. Loves to add personal fan touches to staging, outfits or aesthetics. Be open, honest and please be gentle. Time to be a bad kitty! Kitten play/fetish model!


About My Shows

I love to fulfill fantasy role play, so please if there's something specific let me know, I live exploring fantasies as well as toy play, remote toy play and light bondage. Cum try me and we'll set off I can be your fantasy.

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  • Badkitty_bad wrote 2 days ago
    Promoting body positivity and excellent mental vibes to release those pleasure endorphins!
  • Badkitty_bad wrote 3 days ago
    Blogging at the end of a long day is really therapy!
  • Badkitty_bad wrote 3 days ago
    Searching for new remote toys and playmates
  • Badkitty_bad wrote 3 days ago
    Seriously needs Starbucks to warm up her kitty toes
  • Badkitty_bad wrote 3 days ago
    Working on the GFE all day equals perfection!

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My Rules

I'm a kitten play bdsm model and follow the respect aspect loyally. No rudeness, there's passionate then there's dirty but please be nice. Please request what you'd like to see, me fulfilling your fantasies really helps me get into the role to make it real. If there's something specific you'd like please let me know and I will add it to my wish list and I'll be your personal fantasy.

My Rates

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Without Sound
I've been bad daddy
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7 minutes
N/A N/A N/A N/A $ 29.99
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$ 9.99 $ 7.99 $ 10.99 N/A N/A
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N/A N/A N/A $ 24.99 N/A

My Blog

She's a Kitten

I'm a kitten, I am also an advocate for Domestic Violence survivors as I am one as well. I look for my Wolf to protect me at my most vulnerable, to know my boundaries and how to push them without going to far, he knows how to after care because submission is completely letting go. Something feisty fiery kittens don't like to do because that means giving up control and control is what she needs to handle her never ending chaos she tends to find an unhealthy peace. Her Wolf's touch calms that chaos and provides his kitten a place to rest and gather energy to get her through get next storm. He's her logic when she loses hers and she is his caregiver when he is resting, she tends his needs because that's what they do, they are each others inner peace givers and with no words necessary, soul providers. They feel each others pain and pleasure, with nothing but sincere trust they walk through life together.

What it means to be a kitten.

I am a Kitten in a Kitten/Wolf Dom relationship. Kitten Play is the lighter side of BDSM. Similar to subs/doms and daddys/lils, but really what it stems on is the dynamic and connection between the people directly involved in the equation. The guidelines to most all BDSM is Trust, Open Communication, pure surrender and to achieve total submission teaching some how to let go when they couldn't find any other way to let go. But like I said, it all stems on the boundaries and understanding by those directly involved. To be an outsider looking in, its odd or weird when in all truth the beauty of the submission in its own rights is pure and vulnerable. The act of submission is just a part of the ritual that invites old wounds to heal and new trust to form. Don't get caught up in the the roles people play, it's what the roles symbolize and the meaning that really matters. I wear a collar because that signifies the wolf's claim on me, but I choose to wear it and be lead around on a leash, I am not forced. Life is too short to be tangled in labels when you could be tangled up with someone you trust fully, have nothing to hide and find peaceful euphoric bliss mixed with raw pheromones next to the one who shows you that a Utopia can be real!

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  • DaveDeath

    The most mesmerizing eyes you'll encounter

    Truly a deep and caring person with hypnotic eyes captivating body and an amazing personality always willing to fulfill fantasy's very open and strives to please...she's totally unique truly one of a kind.

    4 March 2021 - 20:39