All Fucking Amethyst, All The Fucking Time

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Being pansexual, I am kind of like the universal remote of sexuality, I’m compatible with all types. So, I find myself attracted to a wide variety of people, regardless of their gender. I also have an obscenely high sex drive, making me not easy to satisfy sexually. You better bring your “A Game” if you are going to keep up with me in bed. I love Ass Worship and all things Anal. From using Anal Beads and Butt Plugs to spanking and getting fucked in the ass. I also have a thing for Necks, Hair Pulling, and multi-partner fuck marathons. I love Nipple Play, Dirty Talk, Oral Sex, Rough Sex, Deep Throating, Squirting, Multiple Orgasms, Finger Banging, Biting, and a lot more.


About My Shows

I offer a totally customizable experience for your pleasure. I want you to get your money's worth, so everything is negotiable.

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My only Hard No's are tickling and urine/scat play. We can negotiate everything else.

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