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Personal Details

About Me

My name is Ambrozia and I am 21 years old! Iím quite shy, so please be nice. I love writing, reading, music, and Netflix.

Iím currently taking a break from university to work on my mental health. I have depersonalization-derealization disorder, which prevents me from working a typical job. Fortunately, Iíve found this gem of a job online that works with my disability, lets me meet incredible people. and is also tons of fun! Donít worry, Iím not crazy, just burdened with too much anxiety.


About My Shows

I try to offer an intimate, personal experience in my shows. Privates are my fav, because I can concentrate on just you. I also like playing games and creating a party atmosphere in my room where we can all relax and have fun.

My Rules

1. Be kind, polite, and respectful.
2. Absolutely no begging or demanding. No means NO.
3. I am in charge. My room, my rules.
4. No promoting other sites/models.
5. NO degrading requests or comments.